Suffer from Peyronie's Disease?

You Are Not Alone

As Many as 1 out of 100 According to the NIH

Many men suffer from a common condition called Peyronie’s Disease that can impact their daily life by causing low self-esteem, frustration, and strained confidence. Erectile dysfunction can cause several different symptoms in men, but the most common indicator that you suffer from Peyronie’s Disease is painful erections. 

*According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information

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  • Difficulty with sexual intercourse: The penile curvature associated with this disease can make sexual intercourse unbearable or even impossible
  • Shortening of the penis: Scar tissue that forms as a result of Peyronie’s may result in a shortening of the penis
  • Erectile dysfunction: Many individuals have difficulty achieving erection when plagued by Peyronie’s disease
  • Curved penis: This disease can cause the penis to bend or be curved mid-erection
  • Psychological distress: Individuals who suffer from Peyronie’s disease may have mild to severe symptoms of depression, anxiety, and difficulty with relationships

Improve Sexual Function

Improving blood flow that contributes to improved and less painful erections, reducing penile curvature by breaking down scar tissue

Improve Sexual Performance

Sexual Wellness Centers of America trusts REGENwave® therapy to provide treatment options for individuals who have Peyronie’s disease. 



At Sexual Wellness Centers of America, we are here to help when you experience the debilitating effects of Peyronie’s disease. Contact our Colleyville, TX office to set up a consultation and see if REGENwave treatment is right for you.

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